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Andy Nichol

Nickname Cheesy
Date Of Birth 7/1/71 ('Mother must have been a bingo caller')
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Hibs
Wee Team Hibs ('Or is that dignifying Scumbo jibes?')
Favourite Player Ever Franck Sauzée ('Though my performances are more of the crude Erich Schaedler, Callum Milne or Matty Jack variety')
Position Early days, but looking like a no nonsense centre half or midfield enforcer so far
Distinguishing Features Nothing so far

Ross from 'Friends', Mr Bean or - when the guard has been left off the clippers - Albie Kinsella from 'Cracker' or Andrei Chikatilo (the Rostov Ripper)

Battlecry Nothing so far
Claim To Fame

Once managed to ‘release’ the best part of 6 pints onto the central reservation of the M8 en route to Ibrox and still catch up with the car he was travelling in ('To be fair, it was a Boxing Day fixture with heavy tailbacks, so I didn’t have to be Linford Christie!')

8s Debut 22/12/15
8s Appearances in 2015 1 out of 51 (2%)
8s Appearances in 2016 10 out of 50 (20%)
8s Appearances in 2017 13 out of 49 (27%)
8s Appearances in 2018 0 out of 46 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2019 11 out of 50 (22%)
8s Appearances in 2020 15 out of 18 (83%)
Total Appearances 50

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